Create A 5 Star Reputation For Your Business

How To Develop A 5-Star Reputation For Your Business

"Reputation & Trust Makes All The Difference In The Online Marketing Industry"

We're often asked how Extreme Marketing Online can be so certain in our ability to cultivate 5-Star Reputations and win the Trust of the public so consistently.This brief article explains how...

The truth is, with our origins as a market-focused research & strategy initiative, Extreme Marketing Online has gained a unique insight into both the behaviors of Online to Offline Customers, as well as an in-depth knowledge of proven scientific techniques to inspire Trust in your Advice, Products & Services before they even walk through your doors.

As an Online PR & Trust Agency... we also know the practical measures you can take to cultivate this in your own business, which we can share in our White Paper as well as in our VRT Review Video of your Business.

The first place people look to find or decide on a local business is online... the future relationship and trust you gain from these potential clients starts before they even walk through your door.

A common assumption is that Genuine Trust and a 5-Star Reputation are gained AFTER a product or a service has been rendered. Our research into over 300+ Small and Local Business's has proven this a false assumption, which provides a key advantage to business owners who appreciate and leverage this fact.

Perception Beats Experience: The Coke/Pepsi Example

Perhaps the most relatable example is 'The Pepsi Challenge' of the 1980's, whereby blind taste tests showed conclusively 'Pepsi' has the superior taste, despite being the #2 cola brand.

Cognitive studies took 'the challenge' further and demonstrated something significant:

  • 'Pepsi' lit up the pleasure centres of the brain more than 'Coke' when the subject had no idea what they were drinking i.e. Blind Taste Tests.
  • 'Coke' lit up the pleasure centres of the brain more than 'Pepsi' when the subject knew what they were drinking... strong evidence that Coke's branding objectively affects consumer satisfaction even before consumption.

As such, Coke maintains it's firm lead position in the carbonated drinks market.

CONCLUSION: Satisfaction Is Heavily Affected By A Person's Pre-Conceived Expectations

Perception Beats Experience: The Wine Tasting Example

In 2009, Siegrist et al, ran a study on 163 subjects, whereby they were to taste an 'exceptional' red wine; scored 92 out of 100 points on an industry-recognised quality scale (Parker Points).

The study separated the subjects into 5 groups:

  • Group 1 - Told before tasting of the wine's 92 out of 100 quality score.
  • Group 2 - Told before tasting, the wine had scored 72 out of 100 points (an average score).
  • Group 3 - Told after tasting, but before rating, of the wine's 92 out of 100 quality score.
  • Group 4 - Told after tasting, but before rating, the wine had scored 72 out of 100 points.
  • Group 5 - Given no information before or after (served as the Control Group).

The participants were asked to rate the wine in terms of:

  • A 10-Point Scale ranging from 1 (didn't like at all) to 10 (excellent)
  • How much they would be prepared to pay for the wine


  • Group 1 rated the wine significantly higher than Group 2
  • Group 1 rated the wine far higher than Groups 3 & 4
  • Group 1 also rated the wine much higher than the Control Group; Group 5
  • Group 1 was prepared to pay much more for the wine than any other Group

CONCLUSION: Satisfaction Is Heavily Affected By Existing Opinions From Trusted Sources

"As With The Wine Study, Business's With A 5-Star Reputation Have Prospective Clients Prepared To Pay More For Treatments And Procedures, Consequently Increasing Lifetime Client Value (LCV)"

How A 5-Star Reputation & Trust Affects Your Business...

(From A Customer's Perspective)

For example, lets assume a prospective Client is in need of an aesthetic or anti-ageing treatment, procedure or consultation... they follow a fairly specific process, which we detail for you below.

1. The First Place People Look To Find Or Decide On A Clinic or other Local Business Is Online... (with a rapidly rising number doing so on mobile devices)

A prospective client begins by entering a search phrase like "Anti Ageing Clinic" plus their location, into one of the major online search engines...

2. They Assess The Apparent Reputation Of Various Clinics At A Glance...

3. They Quickly Develop Their Set Of Pre-Conceived Expectations...

(before they've even walked through your door)u00a0
The client has many options but will only never explore 1 or 2, based on their pre-conceived expectations; cultivated by the Visibility, Reputation & Trust of a certain few clinics...

This Happens In A Matter Of Minutes And The Decision Is Made Quickly.

The Big Mistakes Most Business's Are Still Making...

During our analysis of over 300+ Small & Local Business's in the USA (The VRT Industry Review), we found that most business's employ marketing agencies, which severely underestimate, or ignore completely, the significance of Reputation & Trust in the Local Online Advertising Market.

Instead, they opt for short-lived marketing tactics that end up either losing their effectiveness quickly, hurting the business's reputation in the medium to long term, or even opening the business up to legal trouble along the way.

The Top 3 Most Commonly 'Recommended' (And Risky) Marketing Practices*:

  • 1. Fake Review Posting
  • 2. Aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 3. Quantity (Not Quality) Based Social Media Exposure

* These tactics completely ignore the scientific and psychological principles involved in the prospective client's thought process... and can even land a business in legal trouble over time.

This isn't to say there aren't certain, specific methods you can take advantage of, which leverage Reputation & Visibility correctly, to cultivate Genuine Trust and those positive, preconceived expectations in the mind of your prospective clients That Make Your Business the #1 Choice.

Certain 'Tricks Of The PR Trade' Based On Scientifically Proven Psychological Triggers
Massively Boost The Reputation, Trust & Visibility Of Your Business...

Extreme Marketing Online Has An Incomparable Insight Into The Practical Techniques That Will Enhance The Visibility, Reputation & Trust Of Your Business...

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